by Leomar Mendez

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This beat was created by my friend during a trip into the Amazon jungle and is a mixture of recordings he obtained during a shamanic ritual. I wrote the lyrics at a point in my life where I finally began to dedicate myself completely to the music, and make it the first priority in life. My childhood friend wasn't getting a lot of support as she dove into her cancer treatments across the ocean in Colombia and I thought the least I could do would be to release this song in order to send her all the profits. Most of the time people just make music because it is in their blood and they have to, but other times it coincides with life events where you can help your neighbor, community family, or friends.


With the sacred permission of everything that I am,
Of the land that I come from, and the path that I’m going through Because I’m alive or because it seems like
With it sacred permission, even if sometimes I go too far.
I will break all the molds; I’ll do whatever comes naturally
If I want to make some videos if I want to write some verses
In the end I only own the time that I got left and my memories
Too far from being perfect I drown in my own defects addict to feel affection
It may be because of my childhood and even though I am happy
For the opportunity to have lived it, it is because of it that I do so many things
And I don’t do anything at the same time.
I should be as better present of the past I should be more awake next to you
I should finish everything that I started it's true I sleep little but I dream way too much I will be more attentive I will not be so trusting
I will walk in front even if you are next to me
I will happily share the things that I have earned
And I will accept the destiny that obviously has come to me.
And it is like that life may choke you and beat you
But you must breath in any way you can
And it is a simple and repetitive idea but we must keep at 100% everything starts there.
Because of the times through life I have always be a nomad
And yes there have been hard times but I’ve always been ok
I looked into religions to find the sense of all of this
But at the end the answers were hidden in the psycho-­‐actives
Carmen, my super hero, nights of love and fever
Who secretly put the Christmas stuff 'round the house?
And I wonder what is waiting way yonder
Will I do my part of the plan all the time I wonder?
Will I find my bed in a cold lonely bed, will I see the light and then reset At the end of the day what am I but energy? Am I sleeping with the enemy? You can't accomplish nothing if you are afraid to fail
Liberate yourself because this body grows old
They won't see us in a temple because to pray is not enough
Be born, grow, learn, win, feel, look and listen it's written everywhere Always chill like salmon staring at a trout
Let the tide rush in since at night I don’t know how to sleep.


released January 15, 2017
Lyrics: Leomar Mendez
Beat: Marrom Fernandez
Recording and Mix: Babah Fly



all rights reserved


Leomar Mendez Boulder, Colorado

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